Our mission is to present fun & interactive masterclasses for cellists of all levels with artists that play & teach outside of the musical box
Thursday April 6th  6:30PM EST 

Your  exclusive workshop registration includes...

🎵  90 minute Interactive Live session on how to play Irish & Celtic Music more authentically on the cello
🎵  Bowings & Embellishments from a master performer & improvisor
🎵  3 Free professional arrangements of beautiful Irish Music
🎵 Opportunity to meet cellists from all around the world
🎵 Recorded session for replay and self-study

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About Daniel Plane and what to expect at his workshop....

In this exciting class, Daniel will help cellists of all levels discover the true  beauty of  standard Irish tunes exploring bowings and embellishments to make them sound more authentic.
Daniel Plane has the unique advantage of having received both conservatory training at The Longy School, and a modern jazz education at Berklee. Daniel's insightful and principled understanding of numerous musical languages allows him to offer a clear approach to the study of folk and improvisational styles.

A perfect compliment to his 15 years of teaching experience, thousands of hours onstage performing non-classical styles (such as jazz and swing, bluegrass, blues, and traditional fiddle styles) give him a unique advantage as a teaching artist.

Check out Daniel's Awesome Music....

Reviews of our last workshop....

"Thank you!  Fred was a wonderful presenter yesterday"-  Karen Quinn, adult cellist
"Great class tonight. Fred was fantastic"-  Kristy Mitchell, adult cellist
" I learned a lot about improvising and he felt so familiar and encouraging"  
Claudia Buckley, adult cellist
"We learned a lot tonight"  Alison Arthur, adult cellist and teacher

Meet Your Host...

Hey Cellists!

My name is Marion Elizabeth Arthur, also known as “Mea the Creative Cellist"  I am an award-winning songwriter, improviser and educator based in Canada.

My passion is helping adult cellists of all levels play with more confidence, flexibility & have more fun.

I am the founder of CelloYoga™️  Mastermind & Ensemble for Mid-Life Cellists,  an immersive and innovative 1 year program for adult cellists.  

Our new masterclass series is an added bonus for our members!

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